At FITA we understand that everyone needs to shine and be outstanding nowadays. We carry the philosophy that every project is worth extra care for professionalism, creativity, attention to detail, and ideal management to have a high quality product at delivering within a realistic budget.

We are a multimedia production company focused on exploring your potential in order to communicate efficiently by showcasing the best of you through video, audio, and graphic design.

FITA has a commitment to develop audiovisual productions that captivates the subject’s identity while telling emotional stories that will help reaching a strong brand recognition with an inspiring approach and impactful visuals.

By integrating style and modern expression into the marketing needs we can make a brand or product have a more effective promotion.

Our range of projects comprehends Institutional, Commercial, Social Media, Entertainment, Sports, Food, Music Industry, and more.

Located in sunny San Diego, our team counts with top-of-the-line equipments and provides professional services for a number of clients in Southern California, across the U.S., and overseas. 

FITA was founded by two curious minds with a common passion for arts and nearly two decades of work experience in multiple areas of communication along with a team of  illustrators, audio engineers, and other collaborators who can help achieving the goals you need for your campaign.




Video Maker | Communicator | Musician
Name: Fernando Nepomuceno
Age: 34
From: São Paulo | SP | Brazil
Living in San Diego | CA 
"With the newest industry equipment we are able to take your project."
Becca was born and raised in LA. So naturally, she began her career in the heart of Hollywood as part of the original social and video strategy team at BuzzFeed. Becca and her team were responsible for launching some of BuzzFeed's most recognizable sub brands across social like Tasty, Nifty, and Bring Me as well as BuzzFeed's talent pages like The Try Guys and Ladylike. She later expanded upon her skills and experience at The Walt Disney company, working as a digital content strategy analyst providing content strategy and data analysis to various digital teams across the company.


Architect | Graphic Designer | Musician
Name: Rafael Scatolin dos Santos
Age: 37
From: São Paulo | SP | Brazil
Living in San Diego | CA 
"With the newest industry equipment we are able to take."
Radmila fuses her background in graphic design and branding with expertise in UI/UX, to develop projects from the ground up. With over 10 years of experience, she’s well versed in both marketing and product design, and she's all about approaching problems from the user point of view and crafting solutions that effectively combine brand value, experience design, and storytelling.